Live In Scotland

By The Unusual Suspects

Added by Andy V .
  1. Wee Michael’s March
    The Balnain
    The Slot
    Willie’s Auld Trews
    Peter Mann’s
    The Periwig
    Trip To Windsor
  2. Donald MacGillavry
  3. Bulgarian Red
    Waves Of Rush
    Wes And Maggie’s Ceilidh Croft
  4. Sae Will We Yet
  5. Solo
  6. The Bass
    The Twisted Bridge
    The Sidestep
    Lexie MacAskill
  7. The 70th Year
    Tam The Banjo
    Mince In A Basket
  8. Cold Blow
    There’s Time To Wait
  9. Intro
    Donald MacLeod’s
    Islay Ranters
  10. The Heights Of Cassino
    Jock The Box
  11. Follow The Heron
  12. The Famous Baravan
    The Old Woman’s Dance
    Donald Willie And His Dog

One comment

Live In Scotland

A 22 piece traditional band with with a horn section, which play traditional folk and recent folk compositions with jazz (pricipally big band) influences. Mainly instrumental, but with 4 song sets in as well. The band (of which there are too many to list) consist of some of the best young(er) musicians in the current Scottish music scene.

This record probably won’t be of much interest to the purists, but the sheer force of sound (especially live) is amazing, and the arrangements of trad tunes will make you hear them in a totally different way. Thoroughly recommended.