A Tribute To Paddy Cronin… Master Irish Fiddler

By Tom Dunne

  1. Ollistrum
    Young Tom Ennis
  2. Paddy Cronin’s Reel No. 1
    Paddy Cronin’s Reel No. 2
  3. Jackie Tar
    Paddy Cronin’s Hornpipe No. 1
  4. O’Reilly’s Greyhound
    The Highlander’s Knee Buckle
  5. Follow Me Down
    The Custom Gap
  6. Paddy Cronin’s
    Johnny Gorman’s
  7. Come To Your Tay
    Paddy Cronin’s Reel No. 3
  8. O’Carolan’s Welcome
    The Shingle On The Table
  9. Major Mole
  10. Aughtaboy
    Paddy Cronin’s Jig No. 1
  11. The Mariner’s Frock
    Mick Mahony’s
  12. Paddy Cronin’s Reel No. 4
    A Moonlight Ramble
  13. Paddy Cronin’s Hornpipe No. 2
  14. Paddy Cronin’s Own
    Paddy Cronin’s Reel No. 5
  15. Breffni O’Reilly
    The Letterkenny Blacksmith
  16. The Humors Of Newcastle
    The Roving Bachelor

One comment

Tribute to legendary Kerry fiddler

This CD is Tom Dunne’s tribute to the Kerry fiddle great and longtime friend Paddy Cronin. Tom of course plays fiddle with sympathetic guitar accompaniment by John Dillon. Guest musicians are Don Meade on harmonica, Iris Nevins on guitar, and Gabriel Donohue on bodhran. Paddy Cronin was born in the village of Gneeveguilla in East Kerry, famous for its musicians and characters, where he was taught by Pádraig O’Keeffe. He also lived in Boston for many years. Tom’s album has the insight of a close musical companion and captures Paddy’s unique ability to bring life to the simplest of tunes. Paddy also has a reputation for enthusiastically devouring new tunes - as Tom says “it amazed me that every time we met, he had a new selection of tunes to play!”. This recording gives a unique snapshot of Paddy’s repertoire and features many tunes rarely heard these days. This record has been the result of a labor of love to “keep these tunes alive and spread them around”. Tom Dunne is a stalwart of the traditional Irish music scene in New York and New Jersey where you will find him raising the roof with both fiddle and accordion.