As We Got Them: Traditional Flute And Fiddle Music From County Sligo

By Various Artists

  1. Anderson’s
    Fred Finn’s
  2. The Kerryman
    The Kiltycreen
  3. The Cat That Ate The Candle
    The Carraroe
  4. Thatcher’s Mallet
    Last Nights Fun
  5. Down The Broom
    The Maid Of Mount Cisco
  6. Memories Of Ballymote
    Gurteen Boys
  7. Mulvihill’s
    Mama’s Pet
  8. The Blackthorn Stick
    The Turnpike Gate
  9. The Goldfield Jigs
  10. The Mossy Banks
    Salute To Baltimore
  11. Junior Crehan’s
    The Boys Of The Town
  12. The Laurel Tree
    Come West Along The Road
  13. Jim Donoghue’s
    The Mountain Road
  14. The Boys Of Ballisodare
  15. Over The Moor
    Billy Brocker’s
  16. The Traveller
    The Primrose Lass
  17. The Haunted House
    Pat Burke’s
  18. Tommy Coen’s
    The Otter’s Holt
  19. The Enchanted Lady
    The Holy Land
  20. Martin Wynne’s

Eight comments

Real Sligo Music.

Genuine, spirit-lifting, brilliant. 100% organic.

In the words of Matt Molloy:

“As the title of this CD, As we got them implies, the musicians here are playing tunes from their own place – music that has been handed down over the generations.

In the 1920s and ‘30s, the music of this area was recorded by other local musicians, most notably Michael Coleman, Paddy Killoran, James Morrison, John McKenna; so there’s a line here, a continuity, an effort to preserve the regional musical identity. But of course there are no hard and fast rules. A number of tunes, adopted from here and there, have filtered into the musical consciousness over the years and have made themselves at home – which, I suppose, proves that a good tune has no boundaries.

I have met all the musicians at one time or another and played with most of them. All are proud and passionate about their music and have spent their lives playing it.

As I understand it, there are no studio tricks included here. The music is genuine and from the heart – what you hear is what you get. A cross-section, if you like, of the music that is currently played in the region.

For those interested in the music, this CD is definitely worthy of a special place in their collection”

As we got them is available on

Names of the Various Artists

They are Jame Murray (flute and fiddle), Jimmy Murphy (fiddle), James McDonagh (flute), Harry McGowan (flute), Mick Loftus (flute), Gregory Daly (flute), Ollie Ross (piano), Francis Gaffney (guitar), Paul Gurney (piano)


hossboss - many of these tunes will show up in the "links" if you add apostrophes in the appropriate places. eg - Fred Finn’s You can edit this yourself. Looks like a good recording for the flute-players among us.

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Thanks for the tip, Kenny. Yes, there is some great flute on this, particularly Gregory Daly solo on Over The Moors and a Harry McGowan solo on the Mossy Banks. This CD is making quite a "buzz" around the New York and New Jersey sessions.

How did this cd come to be?

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Hi Lesl. I would say that Gregory Daly was the organizer, but it is basically musician friends informally getting together to make a record

Does anyone by chance know the name of the slip jig that follows Boys of Ballisodare on track 14? Much obliged…

Slip jig etc

The slip jig after the Boys of Ballisodare is Michael Gorman’s, also known as the Tipperary Hills, and is on this site.
I also notice in the above list there are no details for ‘The Goldfield Jigs’. They are separately the Flaxdresser and the tune my pal James Murray calls ‘The Mother’s Lament’ on his recent album The Powellsborough Lassies. He tells me it’s a very old tune. For anyone who has Bernard Flaherty’s book ‘The Trip to Sligo’ James’s setting of the Flaxdresser is in his chapter on page 174 and The Mother’s Lament is in fact the ‘unknown’ on page 42 in Jimmy Murphy’s chapter.