In A Creative Mood

By Richard Dwyer

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In a Creative Mood - Richie Dwyer

This recording has all those great tunes he’s written. Richard plays the accordion mostly but also plays fiddle and piano on one track. He has a distinctive heavily dotted rhythm in his style that you don’t find by other artists who’ve recorded his tunes. Richard Dwyer is from a well-known and famous musical family, and is one of the great living composers of today.

I will try to update the tune database with the names Richie has for his tunes as I come across them.

Re: In A Creative Mood

It seams to me that richard is swinging some of the reels such that it feels like a hornpipe.

Re: In A Creative Mood

On track 5, is the first tune a reel or a hornpipe?

Re: In A Creative Mood

The dotted/bouncy rythm and the triplets suggests a hornpipe imho. I suppose the confusion comes from the title of the track “Richard Dwyer Trip To Larry Gavins-richie Dwyers Favorite, (reels)”

Perhaps it used to be a reel and he played it like a hornpipe on this recording?

Re: In A Creative Mood

The first tune in the third set is commonly known as the Fox on the Town. There is a discussion about its provenance on the tune page.