In A Creative Mood

By Richard Dwyer

  1. Richie Dwyer’s
    Greta’s Favourite
  2. Bere Island Lassie’s
    Harbor View
  3. Richie Dwyer’s
    Tribute To Jackie Lynch
  4. Cailroe Ramblers
    Lake Dance
  5. Trip To Larry Gavin’s
    Richie Dwyer’s Favourite
  6. A Southern Star
    The Black Rose Of Beara
  7. Once Upon A Time In Beara
    The Dancing Bow
  8. Return To Burton Road
    The Road South West
  9. Sherry’s Return
    Richie Dwyer’s Fancy
  10. A Trip Down Memory Lane
    Richie Dwyer’s Favourite Jig
  11. Richie Dwyer’s Dream
    Tribute To Michael Dwyer
  12. The Composer’s Chair
    Barbara’s Paradise
  13. Healy’s House
    The Vanishing Keys
  14. Moon Over Kilcatherine
    Trip To Allihies
  15. Trip To Dursey Island
    Mist On The Ocean
  16. Theo’s Old Van
    Return To Cailroe

Five comments

In a Creative Mood - Richie Dwyer

This recording has all those great tunes he’s written. Richard plays the accordion mostly but also plays fiddle and piano on one track. He has a distinctive heavily dotted rhythm in his style that you don’t find by other artists who’ve recorded his tunes. Richard Dwyer is from a well-known and famous musical family, and is one of the great living composers of today.

I will try to update the tune database with the names Richie has for his tunes as I come across them.

Re: In A Creative Mood

It seams to me that richard is swinging some of the reels such that it feels like a hornpipe.

Re: In A Creative Mood

On track 5, is the first tune a reel or a hornpipe?

Re: In A Creative Mood

The dotted/bouncy rythm and the triplets suggests a hornpipe imho. I suppose the confusion comes from the title of the track "Richard Dwyer Trip To Larry Gavins-richie Dwyers Favorite, (reels)"

Perhaps it used to be a reel and he played it like a hornpipe on this recording?

Re: In A Creative Mood

The first tune in the third set is commonly known as the Fox on the Town. There is a discussion about its provenance on the tune page.