The Missing Gift

By Anna Massie, Jenn Butterworth And Mairearad Green

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  1. The Farting Badger
    Danny’s Trip To Belize
    Cynthia’s Glee
  2. Shack A Lack
    The Scone’s Removal To Nether Dallachy
  3. The Missing Gift
    Time For Bed
    Lost In Elgin
  4. Maggie West’s
  5. What You Do With What You’ve Got
  6. We’re A Case The Bunch Of Us
    David & Sheila’s
  7. The Silver Darlings
  8. The Old Charmer
    Big Lil
  9. Swedish
    The Blue Angel
    The Bush On The Hill
  10. The Navigator
    The Magnet
    The Pigeon
  11. Hard Times Come Again No More
  12. Hilary’s
    Andy Clark Of Crieff
  13. Calum Ross
    A Tune For Emily Ball
  14. The Lone Arranger
    Fireman’s Frolic
    She Canadian, Eh?

Three comments

As tight as a badger’s ar*e…………..

This is an absolutely fantastic second CD featuring award-winning multi-instrumentalist Anna Massie with her band accordionist & piper Maireread Green and guitarist vocalist Jenn Butterworth. Very lively and energetic sets of tunes, many self penned played with flair and imagination. Anna excels in playing the fiddle, mandolin and tenor banjo and is a very impressive guitarist either accompanying in her unique rhythmic style of flat-picking tunes. The amount of talent in such a young band is very difficult to comprehend.
I am a real sucker for waltzes and Maggie West’s is a real cracker. I know that this will be one of my top 5 favourite CD’s of 2006.
It will also win awards for the funniest tune title ever (track 1 tune 1)
I hope I can get to see these lassies performing live very soon.

The last tune of track 13 should be “Tune For Emily Ball”