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By Rosie Shipley And Matt Mulqueen

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Another fine recording (released in 2002) from Baltimore natives, I was reminded of this one by Will’s recent tune submission of a strathspey that I recognized from this CD.

Joining Rosie (fiddle) and Matt (piano) on a few tracks are Rosie’s brothers: Peter Shipley (fiddle) and Trevor Shipley (uilleann pipes, flute whistle).

Rosie grew up in Baltimore taking lessons from Brendan Mulvihill, but also spent much of her childhood in Cape Breton absorbing and learning from some of the greats up there. She now tours regularly. Matt grew up in Baltimore as well, learning largely from Donna Long.

The CD itself actually has umbrella names for the tracks and only lists the tunes in the liner notes. To avoid any confusion, here are the names listed on the back of the CD:

1. Lime Hill Set
2. The New Jigs
3. Across the Atlantic
4. The Old Jigs
5. Fiddle Reels
6. Angus Chisholm Set
7. Amelia
8. Matt’s Choice
9. Slig Jigs
10. Two Islands

The tunes themselves are a mix of Irish and Cape Breton, not surprising considering Rosie and Matt’s upbringing. In addition to the traditional tunes, there are tunes composed by Dan R. MacDonald, John Morris Rankin, Brenda Stubbert, Jerry Holland, Paddy O’Brien, Charlie Lennon, Elmer Briand, William Morrison, Daniel Dow, Bob McQuillen, Ed Reavy, and Patrick Davey. Rather diverse.

Quite simply, this CD is 54 solid minutes of tunes, and the scary part is that (unless I’m horribly mistaken), all of the musicians on this recording are under the age of 30.

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