Mick Mulcahy & Cairde

By Mick Mulcahy & Cairde

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with Joe Rynne on fiddle, Mel Mercier on bodhran and Mick O’Connor on banjo and guitar.

Excellent record, good selection of tunes, very enjoyable

Box playing to my taste..

i don’t know why there is music written… after some ot the tune’s names…

A great album. Not only does it provide an example of Mulcahy’s punchy box playing, but also of Mick O’Connor’s banjo playing. As a banjo player, I know how difficult it is to find examples of Mick’s playing and, by chance, he happened to be on this album when I sought it out. He plays banjo on a decent amount of tracks in a style that is as good as ever I will add - steady as a rock! His guitar playing is subtle, suitable. He uses standard tuning from what I gather listening to it. He doesn’t overpower the melody of the tunes, just accompanies them lightly in the background.

Top marks to all the musicians on this album - they’ve produced a fine record.

The Cooraclare

More commonly known as the Humours of Scarriff

Farewell To Cranny

is actually Touch Me If You Dare