License To Drive’er

By Andrea Beaton

  1. Marianne Jewell’s
    Peter And Doreen’s
    Dot MacKinnon’s
  2. Sarabelle Beaton’s March
    Mabou Coal Mines
    Sandy Cameron’s
    Colonel McBain’s Fancy
  3. The Idle
    Angus Donald Angus
    Nicole Faquori
  4. Beaton’s Delight
    Dusky Meadow
    Mary’s Fancy
    Kay Gerroir’s
    The Ale Is Dear
    December 2nd
  5. In Memory Of Herbie MacLeod
  6. Uncle Buddy’s March
    Cameron Got His Wife Again
    Margie MacDonald’s
    Charlie Stewart’s Welcome
  7. Shane MacDougal’s
    Krista MacDonald’s
    The Golden Keyboard
    Buddy’s Order Of Canada
  8. The Weapon
    The Monticello Ceilidh
    Blind Norrie
    Angus Chisholm’s Favorite
  9. Brent Chaisson’s
    Brent Chaisson’s
    Mrs. J. Forbes
    Charlie’s Brother
    Molly McGuire’s
  10. Out On The Ocean
    Ryan Lamey’s
    Kevin And Tim’s
    Catherine Mae MacDonald’s
  11. Money Musk
    The Dancers
    Sheldon MacNeil’s
    Strawberry Beds
    George White’s Favorite
  12. Father John MacMillan Of Barra
    Maggie Cameron
    Lucy Campbell
    Pretty Marion
    Tamerack’er Down
    Kentucky Mandolins
    Carter MacKenzie’s
    Raymond Beaton’s
    Wesley Gillis
    Strathspey Place