In The Heather

By Various Artists

  1. Kavana’s Craic
    The Punter’s Graveyard
    The Phoenix
  2. Eileen Ni Riordan’s
    Going To The Well For Water
    Open House
  3. Bogey’s Bonnie Belle
  4. The Rose In The Heather
    Aaron’s Key
  5. T-Shirt In Winter Boys
  6. The Turnpike
    The Boys Of Malin
  7. Maids Of Mount Cisco
    Boys Of Ballisodare
  8. Banks Of Inverness
    Mairtin O’Connor’s
    Willie Hunter’s
  9. Can You Sew Cushions?
  10. Christie Barry’s #1
    Christie Barry’s #2 (The Butlers of Glen Avenue)
    Over The Moor To Maggie
  11. Hand Me Down The Tackle
    The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Banshee
  12. Welcome Home Paddy
  13. The Humours Of Dingle
    Banks Of Lough Gowna
    The Geese In The Bog
    The Frost Is All Over

Three comments

About In The Heather

Recorded in 2001, this recording features 14 musicians who were regulars at the Irish Heather session in Vancouver. The recording is an archive of a group of players that was at the height of its groove. These musicians include well known solo artists such as Mark Roberts and members of various Vancouver bands such as Mad Pudding, Fear of Drinking, Cleia, Dyad and Afro-Shellelegh.

The CD was made to benefit a non-profit housing society in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. Copies of the CD are still available by emailing

Musicians on the disc:

Randy Vic, tenor banjo
Andrea Cooper, flute
Chris Corrigan, flute
Amy Stephen, accordian, vocals, whistle
Norah Rendell, whistle
Kate Riker, fiddle
Tim Readman, vocals, guitar
Mark Roberts, flute, whistle, 5 string banjo, bodhran
Dave Marshall, fiddle
Andy Hillhouse, guitar, vocals
Stephani Custer, fiddle
Paul Hawtin, guitar
Keona Mundy, flute
Miray Campbell, whistle
Allison Russell, vocals

Where are they now?

It has been more than twelve years since this recording was made. Several of the musicians that appeared here have gone on in their careers.

Norah Rendell pursued a Masters degree at the University of Limerick and formed the successful band The Outside Track. She was nominated as Canadian Traditional Singer of Year 2008 and has won’s Vocalist of the Year award in 2011 and 2012 She now lives in Minneapolis where she is the Executive Director of the Centre for Irish Music in Saint Paul MN and where she has recorded and toured with her husband Brian Miller, including an acclaimed album Wait There Pretty One.

Keona Mundy is now known as Keona Hammond. After Cleia broke up, she and her husband Neil Hammond Annie Brown, Ben Brown and Shanto Acharia formed the acclaimed band Thereafter.

Norah, Keona, Karla Mundy Paul, Andy and Dave formed the first iteration of Cleia and subsequently, Neil Hammond joined the band after Dave left and Paul moved to Ottawa. That core recorded two more albums for Cleia and became a mainstay on the British Columbia folk scene.

Allison Russell went on to found Po’ Girl, and has released several albums with that band.

Everyone else is still playing in various traditions and genres. The Heather session musicians live scattered across North America in New England and Ontario, Seattle and Vancouver and islands of British Columbia.

Alas the Heather session as it was, is no more, but the music lives on.

Album available

If you’d like a copy of this album, now 19 years old, email me at chris.corrigan at Gmail dot com and let me know what local cause you’re willing to donate to, and I’ll gladly send you a download link.