The Wild Keys

By Mikie Smyth

Three comments

Very nice CD by Mikie Smyth not only for Uilleann Pipes enthusiasts

A CD full of nice tunes played in Mikie’s own style.
Excellent for studying on ornamentations but also very pleasant just to listen to.

I was surprised - very positively though - to find him playing whistles and flute on this CD besides the Uilleann Pipes.
For more information you might like to check his website:

I just noticed that some of the tunes-links on the Details page will get you to tunes different to those on the CD.

E.g. on track 3 Mikie is playing a slow reel “Denis Murphy’s” which has nothing in common with the slide linked

Great stuff altogether. I really liked the starkness of the solo piping tracks, with their beautiful, gentle pace and impeccable rhythm, the pipes exquisitely in tune. The first cut is Sixpenny Money and Paidin O’Raiffertaigh, rather conservative selections for a first cut on the face of it, but he plays them with an impressive array of subtle variations in his phrasing, articulations, and use of the regulators. The regulator accompaniment starts simply, but then he begins chopping it up, playing syncopated, offbeat vamps, and moving into Ennis-like syncopated figures incorporating the bass reg. This is a textbook on how to play pipes in the traditional style without being boring - use the whole instrument, change what you do, play a variety of tune types, and keep a sense of humor.

I’ve only met a few pipers that have attained such complete mastery of the instrument, and most of them are considerably older.