Celtic Guitar Dreams

By Iris Nevins

  1. Linda Hickman’s Birthday
  2. Anderson’s Dream
  3. The Derry Air
  4. The Kilfenora
  5. Laura’s Tune
  6. Planxty Irwin
  7. Lord Inchiquin
  8. Planxty Julia Iris Babajian
  9. O’Carolan’s Welcome
  10. Lorien
  11. Juniper’s
  12. Planxty Hewlett
  13. The Rights Of Man
  14. Doug Barr’s Birthday Tune
  15. Tamlin
  16. Blast Of Wind

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Irish Fingerstyle Guitar

Iris Nevins has produced a deeply personal album focusing on her unique fingerstyle guitar and a delightful compilation of well-loved traditional standards and her own reflective compositions. Of particular note are the fresh takes on O‘Carolan material (Planxty Irwin, Lord Inchiquin, O’Carolan’s Welcome and Planxty Hewlett) and the Derry Air, aka Danny Boy. Iris has played extensively in the NY/NJ area since the 1970’s both as a solo guitarist and as accompanist to major local and visiting traditional Irish music artists such as Andy McGann,Johnny Cronin, Joe Accordion Burke and Joe Banjo Burke. Iris is joined on “Celtic Guitar Dreams” by Linda Hickman (of Celtic Thunder fame), Doug Barr, Ray Murphy and Richard Sutton on flute, concertina, mandolin and bodhran respectively.

Iris is currently hosting the seisun at The Mountain Brook Inn in Stillwater, NJ with Linda Hickman, and also co hosts with a revolving melody player, the bi-monthly seisun at the Irish American Association Of Northwest Jersey.

CD is available at Amazon.com

Actually Hoss the Stillwater session is on hold. According to Iris she does not know when it will be back again as according to her the owners are pretty crazy. IAANJ session is currently once a month.

About the album. It is a very good solo guitar album. I really like the version of teh Kilfenora she does.

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Thanks, unseen! I guess it always make sense to use the link so the info doesn’t get old. Yeah, there’s a lot of great stuff on the record - I like the Carolan in particular.

Celtic bodhran nightmares

Do you know if there’s a “Celtic Bodhran Dreams” issued yet? 🙂

As my mother says, don’t tempt fate!

Iris’s cd

This is a lovely recording by a fine instrumentalist.

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enchanting album that sounds like Christmas Morning

A great guitar album with some lovely tunes. I got mine from CD Baby online