The Chieftains 2

By The Chieftains

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The best!

If you want to hear the Chieftains play traditional music with subtlety and imagination as opposed to guest stars and gimmickry, this is the album. One of the best recordings ever of trad music. I am still listening to it regularly 30 years after I first heard it. Michael Tubridy’s solo track with Mercier’s bodhran accompaniment is one of the best recordings of traditional Irish flute playing and is probably what subconsciously put me on the path to the flute even though when I began the whistle, I always thought I would be a piper.

Maybe “unpack” track 6 (“The Foxhunt”) into the separate pieces so they can be matched up with the individual tunes in the database:

1. Fiach an Mhadra Rua
2. The Foxhunter’s Jig
3. The Foxhunter’s Mazurka
4. The Foxhunter’s Reel

The Fair-Haired Child

The Fair-Haired Child is the 1st tune on track 5, but it’s not in the track list here.

The Sea Maiden

Track 7 opens with The Sea Maiden (An Mhaighdean Mhara), but it’s not listed here.


Several tunes use the bones, though I’m not sure who’s playing them. One online source says that Martin Fay, Seah Potts and Peadar Mercier all played bones. You can hear bones on:

Track 7, the reel Tie the Bonnet.
Track 8 Callaghan’s Hornpipe
Track 13 Sweeney’s Polka

“When Seán Ó Riada disbanded Ceoltoiri Chualann in 1969, several of the players wanted to continue the sound they had pioneered. The result was the reformation of ”The Chieftains“. ”The Foxhunt“ had previously been known as a piper’s tune, but here it was given a full band treatment, and was widely played, as a direct result of this recording.”


Re: The Chieftains 2

Rediscovering this again thanks to iTunes (my TDK C60 broke a long time ago). Absolutely terrific LP and clearly very influential on future artists