Musical Memories

By Tom Dunne And Joe ‘Banjo’ Burke

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Tom’s First Album - a classic!

“Musical Memories” is Tom Dunne’s debut album which he made with the late great Joe “Banjo” Burke, and is a wonderfully lively collection of dance tunes and songs recalling times in Ireland and New York. Tom plays a mixture of accordion and fiddle and his robust joyful style is evident. It is also a rare recording of Joe Burke, who is in sparkling form, particularly on the banjo solo “The Trip to Stamford”. Don Meade also adds a fine harmonica solo on “The Bank of Ireland/The Woman of the House”. Other star guests on the album include Joanie Madden, Mary Coogan and Gabriel Donohue. The CD is also noteworthy for its variety of tune selection, being a delightful mix of jigs, hornpipes, reels, slides, polkas, slow airs and songs.

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