Near And Far

By Calasaig

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  1. The Humours Of Whisky
    Thief Of Lochaber
  2. The Five Carlins
  3. Indiana
  4. Heights Of Cassino
    The Alien Piper
  5. Banks Of The Lea
  6. Jimmy Ward’s
    Hardiman The Fiddler
  7. Wae’s Me For Prince Charlie
  8. The Parting
  9. Major Mally’s
    Major Mally’s
  10. In Almost Every Circumstance
  11. Thig Am Bata
  12. The Bucks Of Oran Mor
    The Limerick Lasses
  13. In Friendship’s Name
  14. Listening In At Montgomery’s Tavern
    The MacKenzie Rebellion
    Return To The Holy Loch
    Hog Town

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A mix of Scottish and Irish music and song, with traditional touches and contemporary kinks. Bright, breezy, and very Celtic.

"Calasaig are one of the Scottish Traditional Music Scene’s
hardest working young groups…"

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