Northumberland Collection

By Kathryn Tickell Band

  1. Rothbury Hills
  2. Old Morpeth Rant
    Morpeth Rant
  3. Felton Lonnen
  4. Whittingham Green Lane
  5. Robin Spraggon’s Old Grey Mare
  6. Stagshaw Bank Fair
    Shew’s The Way To Wallington
    Mile to Ride
  7. Sir John Fenwick’s The Flower Amang Them
    Sir Sidney Smith’s March
  8. Lindisfarne
  9. Bonny At Morn
  10. Otterburn
  11. The Breamish
  12. Sair Fyel’d Hinny
  13. Jockey Lay Up In The Hayloft
    Bellingham Boat
  14. Northumberland Air
  15. Fareweel Regality

One comment

“The Northumberland Collection” - Kathryn Tickell and Friends

My favourite track on this is a very straightforward run through of The Old Morpeth Rant, The Morpeth Rant and The Hesleyside Reel by Kathryn on fiddle, backed discreetly by Julian Sutton on melodeon. The Old Morpeth Rant is a splendid and lesser-known tune, tailor-made for fiddlers wanting that something else, as it goes down to low G.