The Fiddle, The Voice

By Nancy Conescu And Gerry Harrington

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Three comments

Some playing is brilliant because it sounds impossible, some because it sounds so easy. The tunes on this record fall into the latter category. Nothing here sounds like the players are working especially hard, which is a nice change from the frantic style that some players favor. Harrington is in fine form, and Nancy is still one of the better accompanists working. Her singing is also great, although the hard core traditionalists will probably notice that she’s had some vocal training, and deduct points for that. (I’m not sure why that should be a bad thing, but I’ve been assured that it is in some circles) I’d quibble with the vocal layering on this track over here, and the somewhat busy guitar accompaniment on that one there, but there’s no real cause to gripe with singing this good.

Re: The Fiddle, The Voice

‘Donnechadh Geoff’ is, of course, really Donnchadh Gough of Danú renown.

I note that the writer of the liner’s introduction, John O’Regan, thinks that Nancy Conescu provides ‘some supple guitar backing’! 🙂

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