Traditional Music Of Ireland

By Seamus Walshe

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Supremely Tasteful Accordion

This is the much-awaited re-release of Seamus’s 1981 recording, featuring Pat MacNamara, Eugene Kelly and Carl Hession. Seamus‘ influences include Josie Mooney, Leo Gorman, Willie Callanan, Michael Kelleher, Paddy Killoughery, Mrs Crotty and last but not least his legendary relative Willie Clancy. Standouts of the CD include tour-de-force performanaces of O’Mahoney’s, Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire and Christmas Eve (Tommy Coen’s). As Joe Burke says in his introduction “You will hear on this recording hornpipes with intricacies carefully measured in a way that there is no imbalance in the phrasing. Jigs and reels structured to include very tasteful embellishments and variations. These qualities tell us that Seamus Walshe has a genuine connection with the tradition and a great sense of history. Well done Seamus, it’s a lovely recording’”

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Re: Traditional Music Of Ireland

Track 11#1 Reavy’s as listed here is indeed an Ed Reavy composition; a hornpipe that’s not been added to The Session as at Nov 2019. Fiddler’s Companion has it as Sean Quinn’s: see’S