Altan: Live

By Altan

  1. Con Cassidy’s
    Neil Gow’s Highland
    Moll And Tiarna
  2. The Drunken Tinker
    Lady Montgomery
    The Merry Harriers
  3. Thug Mé Rúide
  4. Tá Mo Chleamhnas A Dhéanamh
  5. The Curlew
    Three Scones Of Boxty
  6. Tuirse Mo Chroí
  7. Paddy’s Trip To Scotland
    The Shetland Fiddler
  8. Johnny’s Wedding
    The Gravel Walk

Three comments

Wrong title

Apparently this Neil Gow’s Highland has nothing to do with the one played by Altan wich sounds more like the watchmaker

Re: Altan: Live

The first tune on the second track is named on the album as "The Yellow Tinker." Changed here to point to the correct tune.

Re: Altan: Live

This CD came as a part of a limited edition package of ‘The Best of Altan’.

It was recorded in January 1989 and the line-up was Curran, Kelly, Kennedy, Ní Mhaonaigh and O’Shaughnessy.

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