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Here it is Lunasa’s 6th album. From what I have heard, it is just what you would expect from the Lads. As ou may or may not know Donogh Hennessy left the band early 2005, so on Guitar is Paul Meehan on steel string and Tim Edey on Nylon string. This is out in teh US, Canada, and Japan it will be released in Ireland on St. Paddy’s day, fro France it comes out on March 30th and every where else has to wait to April 3rd, but if you see them live you can pick it up now, in fact they have been selling them since a couple days after I saw them on 1/20. If you do go and see them it is only Paul on Guitar, Tim is not currently touring with them.

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I tried listening to this around a week ago in a music shop. Yeah, nothing has changed.

Lunasa - Se

What do You think of the new Lunasa album?I think it’s a bit soft.The guitarists involved in the album are great,but Donogh is Donogh,and I think they lost a lot in the sound when Donogh left!

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I think it takes a few listens to really appreciate it. It is a bit “softer” than some of their other stuff, but is just as good. The styles of Paul and Tim are more sutble than Donogh’s, it is not lost sound just a different sound. Although, I really think they were moving in this deirection anyway, listen to Redwood and Kinnitty Sessions. My biggest complaint is the lack of more trad tunes.

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Lunasa - Se

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the boys - were they about to go off the boil? The doubts in my mind stem from the fact that Donogh Hennessy has left the band and the last time I saw the band in Cardiff he was the star of the show.

I have given the album a gentle introduction and have let the music start to sink in. I am a little surprised by how much I like it and how good many of the tracks are. Track 8 - “Two of a kind” is a real mellow sound and showcases the excellent Trevor Hutchinson on his bass which keeps the music moving forward. I must admit I am a real sucker for tracks like track 11 - the set of reels - real feel good music - fantastic

Reel Feel Good - Irish Jam

Hey, I rented “Irish Jam” (movie starring Eddie Griffin) to see if there was any good music, and there certainly is. And many of the tunes are played by Lunasa. (Anna Freel tracks are also highlights.) They’re very hard to read in the credits (even on the PC), but I gleaned this much:
Lunasa Slip Jig
Kensington Close Reel
?lle Yard Jig
Skirmish Jig

I really want to figure these out and play them, but I can’t find that there’s a soundtrack, and there’s no sheetmusic anywhere. Lunasa’s track listings on their albums didn’t turn up anything.
Anyone got any ideas where to find the music?


donogh’s leaving ruined the band for me. he and trevor were the style of the band, and this se album showed how little lunasa is now without him. i’ve heard paul’s style countless times before, and it totally belittles the whole band.

kevin has a unique style though….. if you think about it, everyone else sure is talented, but nothing makes them very different from other bands except for trevor; for you dont hear basses in irish trad too often.

now i listen to it with disappointment, at least i can get some tunes from it…. -_-

My 2 cents

If you already like Lunasa you will not be dissapointed with this recording. The Leckan Mor set in particular is one of my top 5 all time ITM tracks ever.


Boring…. the old trad tunes are better than these new tunes what don’t seem to go anywhere. Least that’s what I think when I’m thinking about this CD, which isn’t very often. Some good tunes but not enough to make it a really significant album.