Live At Johnny Fox’s

By Dervish

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Dervish - Live At Johnny Fox’s (DVD)

This DVD is from a show from 1996 while Dervish was promoting their second CD, “Playing With Fire”. Nine of the tunes and songs are from that CD and the other five are from “Harmony Hill”. It is very nicely taped.

The DVD label is a bit of a mess, so I’ve corrected all of the titles. Tracks 13 and 14 are actually part of the same tune set. Their fiddler’s name was also left off, so here is the group line-up at that time:

Cathy Jordan - vocals, bodhrán, bones
Liam Kelly - flute
Shane Mitchell - accordian
Shane McAleer - fiddle
Brian McDonagh - mandola, mandolin
Michael Holmes - bouzouki

A very nice touch is that this is a multi-format DVD, with one side PAL and the other side NTSC.