The Art Of Turlough O’Carolan - Piano Arrangements Of The Famous Airs And Laments

By J.J. Sheridan

  1. The Seas Are Deep
  2. Blind Mary
  3. Lament For Owen Roe O’Neill
  4. Seperation Of Soul And Body
  5. Colonel John Irwin
  6. Lord Galway’s Lamentation
  7. Elisabeth McDermott Roe
  8. Sheebeg And Sheemore
  9. The Clergy’s Lamentation
  10. Lament For Terrance McDonough
  11. Fanny Power
  12. Squire Wood’s Lamentation On The Refusal Of His Halfpence
  13. Carolan’s Dream
  14. Carolan’s Concerto
  15. Carolan’s Farewell To Music

Two comments

O’Carolan as arranged for solo concert piano.

Unique classical style arrangements of O’Carolan’s Laments and Airs. A recording of its kind. Beautiful arrangements.

Carolan’s Farewell to Music

Deepely felt and masterly played by J.J. Sheridan.