By John Williams

  1. Twin’s Dance Party
    Sylvia’s & Mikey’s
  2. Road To Wexford
  3. Awakening
  4. The Gypsy Princess
  5. Perdition Piano Duet
  6. The Southwest Wind
    The Wheels Of The World
  7. Trippin’ In Eden
    The Mason’s Men
  8. Lianna
  9. Kilnamona
  10. Le Nuit Sauvage
  11. Raven
  12. Tana
  13. Paddy
  14. Youenn

Ten comments

Not Steam

This album definitely is not "Steam." I saw John Williams at the North Texas Irish Festival just this past weekend and that was the first time they were selling the CDs. I figured that since "Steam" was such an amazing CD I would check this one out without waiting to read reviews first. People who are expecting another "Steam" album will be pretty disappointed. This album is more more…experimental. Many, if not all, of the tunes on this album are composed by either John or Dean (the guitarist) and do not really sound Irish. They are much fore freeform in their melodies. If you are in to that, then go for this album. I personally could do without this CD but that because I am basing my opinion off of "Steam", which I think is a wonderful album. If you are looking for your first John Williams album, definitely go for the other one.

That is a shame. Steam was a good album. Seems like most of these new trad bands and players are going more for their own tunes. I mean look at Lunasa’s and Flook’s most recent album.

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Not Steam ? That’s OK

Haven’t heard this CD yet, but I think JW is such a superb muso [ my favourite concer player bar none, for sheer taste and fell, despite Noel Hill and Niall Vallely’s virtuousity] that it was inevitable he’d crack the mould of the tradition.

Whatever he moves to will surely be superb, and of course as he’s followed in the tradition that came down from his Dad and grandfather, he’ll never forget where he comes from.

Meantime let’s be grateful we have his SOLAS work, his eponymous CD and Steam.

As for new tunes. i don’t think that’s what breaks the continuity with the tradition, and that people find jarring.

Isn’t it more in the treatment of them ? Diarmid Moynihan for example writes lots of good trad-sounding stuff. it’s just that when Flook get hold of it [ as they do a goodly amount] they make it sound like a new beast. But I’m sure that such bending of the rules in the end creates new energy and ways to reinforce what’s best in the tradition { e.g. Bothy Band, perfect example} even if that circularity takes a decade or so to show itself, probably quicker these days.

John Williams?

Is this the same john williams who composed film’s music, such as "superman", "star wars" or "indiana jones" ?

Not Steam

I bought a copy of the Raven CD this weekend. I’ve always been taught that if you can’t say something good about something, …

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Raven Soars

I bought Raven after reading the Irish Times review (4 stars) and thank goodness the lads step out of simply sequencing tasty tunes as on Steam (which is essentially a soloist recording with many accompanists).
On Raven, Williams and Magraw are sporting their chops to create moods that go well beyond your average risk averse, tasty tune album.
I can’t think of a duo album that has such a range of textures, instrumentation, types of tunes, expressiveness and humor. I’m with Siobhan Long of the Irish Times -"There’s enough space between this pair’s playing to let the oxygen molecules truly ignite. What matters most of all, though, is the duo’s utter confidence in the music’s ability to carve it’s own identity without a hint of posturing. An inspired pairing."
Anyway, it hasn’t left my cd player.


I bought this album yesterday and I have listened to it 4 times already. I am really surprised at the sound. I don’t know how to describe it, but you really have t hear it to believe it.

Mattaeus, no it is not the same John Williams there are two.

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To be honest, I was expexring another Steam.
The tracks featuring concertina are definitely worth a listen (on a slower-down if you want to listen to what he is doing).
Some of the other tracks are errr , shall we say "cutting edge", bordering on jazz.
It struck me that this is more a cd designed by a recording company who were frightened that an wholly ITM cd would not cover enough different markets.
Nevertheless, it is still in the car cd.

Re: Raven

My favorite song on this one is Track 6, but I think "The Wheels of the World" should be linked to "The Salt", a slip jig which is also called that.

Re: Raven

There is some very good music on this CD, but overall, I was a bit disappointed with it. I much prefer his traditional Irish music, and when it comes to both accordion and concertina, John Williams is as good as anyone. You have to give him respect though for stepping outside his traditional "comfort zone".
And I don’t think it has been emphasised enough that this is very much a duo album, not just John Williams with a guitar accompanist. I would have loved to have seen them live.

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