Finnegan’s AWake

By Finnegan’s AWake

  1. Jarrow Town
  2. Langstrom’s Pony
    Tom Billy’s
    The Dancingmaster
    An Rogaire Dubh
  3. The Blacksmith
  4. The Flowing Bowl
    Old Torn Petticoat
    Bank Of Ireland
    Julia Delaney
  5. 16 Come Next Sunday
  6. The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Maids Of Mitchellstown
    My Love Is In America
  7. I Know My Love
  8. The Price Of My Pig
    The Cliffs Of Moher
  9. The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife
    The Morning Dew
    Music In The Glen
  10. Hughie The Greame
  11. Toss The Feathers
    The Wheels Of The World
  12. Step It Out Mary

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Three tunes on the list ought to match with what’s in the database already, but don’t. I did a little detective work to find out why.

2. Langst(r)om’s Pony is missing the ‘r’.
2. An Rogaire Dubh has two spaces instead of one between the first two words (I had to look at the html source to find that!)
8. Humo(u)rs of Drinagh has a ‘u’ in the database. How should this be handled, Jeremy? Add the alternate spelling as an alternate title in the tune section or change the spelling in the recording section?

Also, the song in track 10 is more commonly spelled "Hughie the Graeme" or "Hughie the Grime". It’s a ballad from the Scottish Borders. Google finds nothing using the spelling of "Hughe" without the ‘i’, about a dozen with the ‘i’ but with ‘ea’ instead of ‘ae’, two without the ‘i’ but with ‘ae’, and 550 with ‘i’ and ‘ae’.


This happens all the time, Gary. I’ve done this for a few recordings – post the link to the tune in the comments section. Best to check first that you have the right tune, though.

Track 2 , 1st tune

Track2, 4th tune

Track8, 1st tune

Ideally, it would be preferable if the person who posted the recording would go back and edit any typos if you point them out to them. They may or may not thank you for that , though ! Also, it’s not always the fault of the person who posts the recording, often it’s down to sloppy editing of the actual recording sleeve notes or lists.
[ There’s one particular recording I’m going to have a blitz on next week – never seen so many typos on sleeve notes. ]

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Typos: Fixed … mostly

I’m terribly sorry to have caused such a stir. It’s just fine with me to point out my typos. Speaking of which …

"Langstom’s Pony": indeed a simple typo ……Fixed

"An Rogaire Dubh": again, a simple typo, though it IS quite difficult to see one vs. two spaces onscreen …… Fixed

"Hughe The Greame": A very unhelpful caligraphic font on the jacket, so I simply missed the "i" …….. Fixed

"Humors Of Drinagh": It is on the CD jacket without the "u". It is also in O’Neill’s without the "u". (The latter is the only other source where I have seen a name for this tune.) Personally, I prefer with the "u", but I will leave the decision up to those who have far more to say about it than I ………… Not changed; pending …….. also, Kenny, the third (unnamed) tune linked above is indeed the same tune as is on the CD and in O’Neill’s.

The name of the band—and this first of their recordings— is spelled "Finnegan’s aWake" with the lowercase "a" at the beginning of the second word. I entered it that way, but the site apparently "corrects" that automatically.

Again, I’m sorry to have caused trouble with my newbie mistakes, but I’m glad to have been called on it. I would like to submit Finnegan’s aWake’s second recording, too, and I’d like to do a better job. I shall endeavour to be more careful.

Thanks. Just trying to make the database as useful as possible by ensuring that all the appropriate links get made as automatically as possible.

Typos are easy to fix. It’s hard to know how to handle legitimate alternate spellings and very minor variants of titles. Do we enter all of the following as alternate titles for a tune: Humors of Whisky, Humors of Whiskey, The Humors of Whisky, The Humors of Whiskey, Humours of Whisky, Humours of Whiskey, The Humours of Whisky, and The Humours of Whiskey?

No problem………

nhflute - we all make mistakes, and it’s no big deal really. It just makes life easier for everyone when the links work. I appreciate you taking the time to make the corrections. Thank you.

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