By Elvie Miller And Naomi Morse

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  1. Sham Shui Po
    Ashe Rd.
    Trip To Windsor
  2. Indian Point
    Le Tourment
  3. Dr. Gilbert
  4. Flatworld
  5. Brae
    Old B
  6. Tolka
  7. Clog à Ti-Jules
    Bedeau De L’enfer
    Flurry Flurry
  8. Orphan
  9. Emma’s
  10. Reel Des Esquimaux
    Reel En La
    Reel St. Joseph
  11. Paddy Taylor’s
  12. The Roaring Barmaid
    Sean Ryan’s
    Paddy Ryan’s Dream
    Torrid Romance
  13. Footnotes

One comment

Not necessarily Irish, very much a contradance CD. But it is the recording that I learned Dr. Gilberts off of - so there.
There are some particularly beautiful waltzes on this CD.
And I really like that Indian point set - both the tunes themselves and the transitions between them.