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Hill 16

Paddy O’Brien (Offaly) - Accordion
Sean O’Driscoll - Banjo
Tom Dahill - Guitar, Vocals

1984 Recording.
One of my favourite undiscovered classics.

That makes 2 of us……….

So, someone else has this recording ! Box & banjo rarely sounded better than this.

Some of the worst album cover art ever… isn’t one of them wearing a Nike T-shirt?

So what ?

Has no effect on the music whatsoever.

Lovely stuff

Yes, brilliant stuff on this recording. Sean has a newish CD out with lovely banjo/accordion music called the Kitchen Recordings https://thesession.org/recordings/784

If you like this one, try that one too.

Hill 16

Just a cheap slag there Kenny. Fortunately there is no direct relationship between cover art and quality of music otherwise this would be a pretty sloppy album. On the contrary, this is typical of any Paddy O,Brien collaboration: tight and full of knowledge and humour.

Coincidentally, I had the pleasure of meeting Paddy the other night as he passed through town with his band, Chulrua. Inspiring fiddle-box duets with Patrick Ourceau.

There’s a copy of this LP on e-bay in USA in the next 24 hours. No bids at the moment. Starts at $6.50.