Film Cuts

By The Chieftains

Added by Sandy3 .
  1. O’Sullivan’s March
    An Sean Duine
  2. Dublin
  3. You’re The One
  4. Treasure Island-Opening Theme
  5. Loyal’s March
  6. Island Theme
  7. Setting Sail
  8. French Leave
  9. Blind Pew
  10. Treasure Cave
  11. The Hispanola
    The Cup Of Tea
    Loyal’s March
  12. Mna Na HEireann
  13. Love Theme From Tristan And Isolde
  14. The Falcon
  15. The Departure
  16. Sea Image
    The Rolling Waves
  17. Fighting For Dough
  18. The Morning Dew

Three comments

The names of tracks, printed on cover of CD were:
01-Rob Roy-O’Sullivan’s March
02-Circle of Friends-Dublin
03-Circle of Friends-Air - You’re the One
04-Treasure Island-Opening Theme
05-Treasure Island-Loyal’s March
06-Treasure Island-Island Theme
07-Treasure Island-Setting Sail
08-Treasure Island-French Leave
09-Treasure Island-Blind Pew
10-Treasure Island-Treasure Cave
11-Treasure Island-The Hispanola/ Silver/ Loyal’s March
12-Barry Lyndon-Love Theme
13-Tristan and Isolde-Love Theme
14-Tristan and Isolde-The Falcon
15-Tristan and Isolde-The Departure
16-The Grey Fox-Main Theme
17-Far And Away-Fighting For Dough
18-Ireland Moving-Train Sequence

Treasure Island tracks

I finally added some additional ABCs for the Treasure Island tracks tonight- I’ve added the Island Theme along with two of the three tracks that were in the movie but did not make the album.

1) Sign of the Spyglass March:
2) Minor key version of Setting Sail/Muineira de Freixido (X2):
3) The final track that didn’t make the cut is the Heather Breeze:


Grey Fox slipjig

I uploaded the slipjig version of Humours of Trim/Rolling Waves that appears on tr 16 of this album as the Main Theme from Grey Fox and on Chieftains 8 as Sea Image: