Almost An Island

By Wolfstone

  1. The Piper And The Shrew
  2. Elav The Terrible
  3. Where The Summers Go
  4. La Grande Nuit Du Port De Peche
  5. The Queen Of Argyll
    The Knockard Elf
  6. 5-4 Madness
  7. Davie’s Last
  8. Jericho
  9. All Our Dreams
  10. The Panda
    The Soup Dragon

Three comments

A band from Scotland ( The Highlands, Perthshire & Glasgow) that brings together the drive of rock-and-roll with the melodies of Celtic music. They produce a style of Celtic rock that many find irresistible. Described as “bagpipes with an attitude,” the energy and vitality that Wolfstone brings to the stage is infectious; their audiences are often brought to their collective feet with the opening notes of the first tune. Duncan Chisholm - Electric Fiddle, Stuart Eaglesham - Acoustic & Electric Guitars & Vocals, Wayne MacKenzie - Bass, Stevie Saint - Pipes & Whistles, Tony Soave - Drums.
This is their latest album.


Alyn Cosker now is Drums in place of Tony….just thought I’d comment on that! 🙂



#4 La Grande Nuit du Port de Peche
#5 The Queen of Argyll
The Knockard Elf
#6 5/4 Madness
#7 Davie’s Last Reel
#10 The Panda
The Soup Dragon

I have a dream, that we will all one day be able to edit Session tracklistings as appropriate…