Katy Bar The Door

By Randal Bays

  1. Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
  2. Allisdrum’s March
    The Hungy Rocks
  3. The Heathery Breeze
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
    Katy Bar The Door
  4. The Tailor’s Thimble
    The Pile Of Bricks
    The Boys At The Lough
  5. Molly Bawn
  6. I Will If I Can
    Child Of My Heart
  7. The Speed Limit
    Like I Care
  8. Dick Cosgrove’s
    The Colonel’s Delight
  9. Lucy Campbell
    The Boys Of Ballisodare
  10. Fine Summer’s Morning
  11. Corney Is Coming
    The Coachman’s Whip
    Paddy Canny’s Toast
  12. The Bank Of Turf
    Patrick Kelly’s
  13. Drowsy Maggie
    Paddy Fahey’s
  14. Patsy Tuohey’s
    The Four Courts
    The Reel Of Bogie
  15. An Seansliperein Donn
    Port An Deorai

Five comments

Fiddle player Randal Bays with John Williams, Susan Waters, Paddy League, Leo McNamara, Roger Landes

This delightful recording was completed over a couple nights and contains a collection of traditional tunes (including a few originals) played in the style of the early ceili band recordings of such players as Hugh Gillespie and Paddy Killoran in the early 1930s.

Here, Randal Bays is joined by John Williams, Susan Waters, Paddy League, Leo McNamara, Roger Landes.

John William’s piano adds a celebratory, dance-like feel to the CD, giving the tunes an almost Cape Breton flavor.

More info at RandalBays.com

Re: Katy Bar The Door

I just got this recording, and it’s great! I’m going to assume the third reel on track 3 (the namesake “Katy Bar the Door”) and both reels on track 7 are Randal Bays’s compositions. Does anyone know if that’s correct?

Re: Katy Bar The Door

Actually it seems “Katy Bar The Door” is an old-time breakdown that Bays recorded with some Irish reels…

Re: Katy Bar The Door

Then again, the breakdown and the reel here seem very different to my ear.

Re: Katy Bar The Door

Got this CD from eBay recently - “Katy Bar The Door” on track #3 , was composed by Randall Bays.
Track#7 : “The Speed Limit” was composed by Brendan Tonra.
“Like I Care” was composed by Joy Perkinson.
The CD is a nice collection of tunes, all very well played. Tracks #5 and #10 are both songs, sung by Susan Waters.
Guest musicians :
John Williams - piano
Paddy League - drums
Susan Waters - fiddle, vocals
Leo McNamara - flute
Roger Landes - bouzouki