The Fiddlesticks Collection

By Jerry Holland

  1. Reichswall Forest
    Easter Elachies
    Winston In The ’50s
    Mrs Gordon Of Knockespoch
  2. Andy DeJarlis’
    Mrs McGhee
  3. Cutting Ferns
    Alex Dan MacIsaac’s
    Brenda Stubbert’s
    Mutt’s Favorite
    Lady Gordon Of Gordonstown
  4. Jenny’s Wedding
    Drowsy Maggie
    The Shaskeen
  5. The Hearty Boys Of Ballymote
    Dan Collin’s Father’s
  6. Cranking Out
    Lively Steps
    Garmont Smiddy’s
  7. Reel For Carl
  8. Beautiful Lake Ainslie
    Miss Grace Menzie’s Mr. Bernard
    Compliments To Buddy MacMaster
  9. Arthur Muise
    Buddy In Big Pond
    Mary Cotter’s
  10. Souter Johnny
    Irvine Steeple
  11. Alex Menzie’s
    Lad O’Byrne’s
    Dublin Porter
  12. The Ashokan Farewell
  13. The MacDonalds Of Hamilton
    Danny Big Alec MacDonald
    Big Alec’s
  14. The Old Boar
    My Old Fiddle
    Fiddle On Fire
  15. Fr. John Angus Rankin
    Trip To Dublin
    Harry Bradshaw’s
    Johnny Muise’s
  16. Sweet Journeys
  17. Mrs. Crawford
    Over the Moor Among the Heather
    Kiss The Lass Ye Like The Best
    Uist Lasses
    Sir David Davidson of Cantray
    Celtic Ceilidh
  18. Memories Of Elmer Briand
    Hughie Johnny Angus Of West Mabou
    An Old Inverness County
    The Cross Of Inverness
  19. Drummond Castle
    What’ll Be King But Charlie
    Jerry’s Pipe
  20. Sheehan’s
    The Flowers Of Edinburgh
    Miss MacLeod’s

Two comments

This is a complilation of tunes that Jerry recorded between 1982 and 1992, and some previously unreleased tracks. Jerry is re-releasing his back catalog as he has time to remaster things, but this is a good introduction to his work ifyou’re not already familiar with it.

“Lad O‘Brynes” is, as you might have guessed, Lad O’ Beirne’s

“The Fiddlesticks Collection” ~ Jerry Holland & friends

Tracks 1 - 3: “Master Cape Breton Fiddler”, 1982
Jerry Holland - fiddle, mandolin
Dave MacIsaac - guitar
Hilda Chiasson - piano

Tracks 4 - 6: “Lively Steps”, 1987
Jerry Holland - fiddle
Grady Poe - guitar
John Morris Rankin - piano

Track 7: “Reel For Carl”
Jerry Holland - composition & fiddle solo ~ “a study in bow techniques.”

Tracks 8 - 11 “A Session With Jerry Holland”, 1990
Jerry Holland, Dave MacIsaac & the late John Morris Rankin

Track 12: “Ashokan Farewell” ~ Jerry Holland and Dave MacIsaac

13. ?

Tracks 14 - 16: “Fathers and Sons”, 1992

Tracks 17 - 19

Track 20: LIVE!
Jerry Holland - fiddle
Ralph Dillon - piano
Bruce Timmons - guitar
Berkley Lamey - bass

“The Fiddlesticks Collection”, 20 tracks, 64 tunes (18 are Jerry Holland compositions), is a compilation of recordings by Jerry Holland released between 1982 and 1992, including five tracks not released before. This compilation was digitally remastered by Karl Falkenham, Chuck O’Hara and Paul MacDonald. Transcriptions can also be found in “Jerry Holland’s Collection of Fiddle Tunes” book & CD, 1988; revised and expanded, 1992 third edition, 1995.