Finnegan Wakes

By The Dubliners

  1. Finnegan’s Wake
  2. Sunshine
    The Mountain Road
  3. Monto
  4. The Dublin Fusiliers
  5. Chief O’Neill’s Favourite
  6. The Sea Around Us
  7. Finnegan Wakes
  8. McAlpine’s Fusiliers
  9. Hot Asphalt
  10. The Glendalough Saint
  11. Within A Mile Of Dublin
  12. Will You Come To The Bower
  13. Nelson’s Farewell
  14. Master McGrath
  15. Walking In The Dew
  16. The Cook In The Kitchen
  17. Boulavogue
  18. Off To Dublin In The Green
  19. The Foggy Dew

Two comments

Reissue of the Original Album

This is a reissue of the original album Finnegan Wakes, which was first released in 1966.

Re: Finnegan Wakes

There’s actually a twentieth track on this - ‘Gwenther’/’Paddy’.

Tracks 14-19 are from ‘The Dubliners’ EP.

The collection was released by Castle in 2003.

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