Loozin’ Air

By Garry Shannon

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Has anyone heard his new one - "Punctured"?

Garry Shannon

Might be better to ask in "Discussions", Donough. There are a couple of tracks which have been played on Clare FM programmes over the past week which you can download. I’ve liked the 2 I’ve heard so far. One was a duet with Niall Keegan.

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All are great

Punctured, like all of Gary Shannon’s albums, is wonderful. If you play the flute you can’t afford to miss these albums: Lose the Head (which is the Shannon Fanily album, and hard to find), Loozin Air, and now Punctured. Punctured is whimsical and playful but still has continual reference to tradtional settings — unlike Emer Mayock or Davy Spillane, who stray too far from the traditional to appeal to old farts like me. Gary is on the edge but is never new-agey like Emer or Davy, nor dentist-office-musak, as is Lunasa’s latest, Sé.