The McDonaghs of Ballinafad and Friends

By Larry And Michael Joe McDonagh

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This CD was released by Comhaltas a couple of years back. It is from a series of house recordings made in the 1960s. Fiddler Paddy Ryan says in the sleeve notes, "This music gives us a glimpse into the an earlier world of Sligo music which has now disappeared completely".
There are varying combinations of the McDonaghs along with Tommy Flynn or Paddy Ryan on fiddle, Michael Daly on flute and Tom Harte on bodhran.

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Tracks 16 & 35 are both called "Larry McDonagh’s". The 2nd is a jig, and has been posted by "edl". I don’t think the reel is in, but will post it soon.

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"The McDonaghs of Ballinafad and Friends Play Traditional Music of Sligo"

Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Éireann CL53

Review ~

"When considering the music of Sligo, one instinctively thinks of the great Irish American musicians of the 1920s. Names like Paddy Killoran, James Morrisson and most famously Michael Coleman spring to mind. Their music, perhaps by reason of the wide availability of their recordings, was to exert a major influence on the Irish music scene for the next few decades and even today, the tunes they recorded form the basis for many a musician’s repertoire. Meanwhile, back home in Sligo, there were other musicians, more or less contemporaries of those who had emigrated to America, keeping alive another type of playing which, while showing the influence of Coleman and the like, retained elements of an older style and a local repertoire. Such musicians were the three McDonagh brothers who lived their whole lives in a cottage on the side of the Curlew Mountains, near to the village of Ballinafad in southern Sligo. It is a beautiful but wild environment and that is somehow reflected in their music.
As was usual with the older musicians and in common with RTE’s recent CD issue of Elizabeth Crotty’s music, these are short, single tunes, predominately reels with just a few jigs, a polka and a harp tune played as a ‘piece’. ~ It made even ‘me’ want to get up and dance.
~ this is a recording that can safely be recommended to anyone with a love for or an interest in an older style of Irish music. ~"

Roger Johnson - 8.12.00

track 5, first reel (McFadden’s)

the link sends you to the wrong tune ("The Glass of Beer").
The tune in this recording is "John McFadden’s Favourite" (also known simply as "McFadden’s Reel")
here the right link:

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Re: The McDonaghs Of Ballinafad And Friends

Going through this recording I found that Harper’s tune links to a different version. I found the version on this site (Tunepal) under the title McDonagh’s Air. I changed the link but not the title.