New England Chestnuts Vol. 2

By Rodney Miller, Randy Miller, Sandy Bradley, George Wilson, Laurie Andres

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  1. Ross’ Reel No. 4
    Lady Of The Lake
  2. Steamboat Quickstep
    White Cockade
    New Rigged Ship
  3. Road To Boston
    Jenny’s Gone To Linton
  4. Glise De Sherbrooke
    Whalen’s Breakdown
  5. Petronella
    Green Mountain Petronella
  6. O’Donal Abhu
    Rocks Of Brae
    Meeting Of The Waters
  7. Maggie Brown’s Favorite
    Shetland Boston
  8. The Gay Gordons
    Farewell To The Glen
  9. Fisher’s
  10. Heather Island

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New England Chestnuts

If you want to know how tunes are played contradance style in New England, listen to this.

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Duplication & ~ “Irish Traditional Fiddle Music”

Great recordings… Randy Miller has also just republished his Irish collection ~

Book Review Online!

“This new book represents one of the most considered publications of Irish traditional music ever to have been issued.”

Geoff Wallis has just reviewed the new 2nd edition of Miller & Perron’s Irish Traditional Fiddle Music, posted April 7, 2006 in Rod Stradling’s Musical Traditions e-zine. Based in the UK, MusTrad has an online weekly readership of over 11,000.

"Randy Miller has rigorously reviewed the contents…checking that the tunes had been faithfully transcribed and assigning compositional credits to tunes now known to have been recently composed (even going so far as to contact the composers or their descendants for permission to reproduce them ­ if only others were so admirably scrupulous!).

“The tunes themselves are presented with utmost clarity and a special section explains the use of ornamentation.”

Read Geoff’s full review:

“Apart from O’Neill, if there’s one tune book you must include in your collection, this is it! Frankly, it’s the best Irish tune collection issued for many a long year.”

~~ Randy’s fiddle tune books are available online at

Re: New England Chestnuts Vol. 2

Rodney Miller - fiddle
Randy Miller - piano
Laurie Andres - piano accordion
Sandy Bradley - guitar
George Wilson - string bass, electric bass, banjo, fiddle