Fire On!

By Blazin’ Fiddles

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This cd rules the world, listen and contimplate its greatness.

Just listening to this again… still a great piece of work, some lovely playing on there from a super line-up. Many of the players on this album have gone on to do great things elsewhere (e.g. Aidan O’Rourke!) and some of their tunes are on here along with traditional ones.

Re: Fire On!

I’ve been listening to Blazin’ Fiddles for the past month or so, since finding out about them here on The Session, and I just can’t get enough of their music! So many of the tunes they use are not traditional, but they don’t feel too overly modern either.

Re: Fire On!

Wow! Awesome stuff! Speaking of music that is more modern, has anybody heard The Fitzgerald siblings, Julie, Kerry and Tom play? They’re from ON and play a very unique style. To me, they’re sort of like Leahy. Anyways, their stuff might not be as Irish as y’all like. But look them up, they are incredibly talented fiddlers!

Re: Fire On!

Hi, No I haven’t heard of the Fitzgerald siblings, but I’ll look them up.