In The Footsteps Of Coleman

By Various Artists

Two comments

Terrific Sligo Compilation

In the words of Seamus Tansey, "This recording entitled IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF COLEMAN is a musical testimony to the quality of Irish traditional music that existed and stills exists in the North Connaught region of Ireland to this very day. The Coleman Country is at the centre of this great musical region namely, North Roscommon, North Mayo, Sligo and South Leitrim….. Traditional music was for the people of North Connaught a musical religion, the food and drink of their immortal souls…THE COLEMAN MEMORIAL CENOTAPH at Mount Irwin, County Sligo was erected in 1974 by Coleman Traditional Society so as to remember Michael Coleman and the dead traditional musicians of that area both at home and in exile. The purpose of this recording is to establish a fund to keep the memorial in good repair for future generationsto enjoy, so that they may never forget the contribution made by the prople of North Connaught to Irish traditional music. These recordings have been donated by many musicians from North Connaught and beyond, each one having directy links to the region." The 2 CDs contain a staggering 45 tracks including classic 78 recordings from such masters as Michael Coleman and James Morrison, extracts from Coleman Country Revisited (the seminal Sigo record of the 1970s), recent field recordings, and tracks from contemporary recording artists.

Artists include Martin Wynne,Fred Finn,Peter Horan,Michael Gorman,Dervish,Seamus O’Dowd,John McEvoy,Felix Dolan,Seamus Tansey,Paddy Killoran,James Morrison,Catherine McEvoy,Jim Donoghue,Matt Molloy,Paddy Sweeney,Harry McGowan, Michael Coleman


Having just received a copy of this CD set Ihave to say one of the best aspects is the sense of live recording. A fair bit is recorded in peoples’ homes or ‘away from the studio’ and it gives a very immediate feeling to the tunes. Wonderful stuff.