On The Right Track

By Coisir

  1. Grogan’s
    Mrs. Malaprop
  2. True Love
  3. Gan Ainm
    Kevin Burke’s
  4. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
    The Bouzouki Players Nightmare
  5. Sweet Music
  6. Brian Byrne’s
  7. Nice And Easy
    The O’Keeffe’s Of Dublin
  8. What About You
  9. Dog Gone
  10. The White Sails
  11. The Long Drop
    Lady Eligens’s Courtship
  12. The Killing Song
  13. The Hole In The Kettle
    Belle Aisle

Four comments

Coisir (Irish Gaelic word for "party")

Featuring Damaris Woods (banjo, mandolin), her brother Jim Woods (accordion, bodhran), and Gerry Tully (guitar, vocals).

With guests Pat McManus (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, fiddle), Fintan McManus (bouzouki), Liz Doherty (fiddle), Paddy Greenan (bass), Paul McCann (bass).

A solid recording that I picked up when Damaris and Jim did a concert with Liz Doherty and Dinny McLaughlin in Philadelphia last year.

CD is a nice mix of traditional tunes and tunes written (*in quotes and parentheses*) by and/or learned from Claire Mann ("Mrs. Malaprop"), Lamond Gillespie, Micheal O Raghallaigh, Garry Shannon, Kevin Burke, Fintan McManus ("Bouzouki Players Nightmare"), Brian Byrne ("Brian Byrne’s), Carmel O’Dea ("Nice and Easy"), Ryan MacNeil ("O’Keeffes of Dublin"), Tim O’Leary ("Strathspey Gan Ainm"), Kevin Crawford, and Pat McManus ("Hole in Kettle", "Belle Aisle").

Available from http://www.coisir.com

A Few Corrections

On Track 3, there is a Strathspey Gan Ainm that is played before Kevin Burke’s.

On Track 11, there is a Mazurka Gan Ainm played before The Long Drop.

On The Right Track by Coisir

Really love the playing on this album.