Champions Of Ireland - Flute

By Grainne Kelly And Ciaran Marsden

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I’ve never heard of either of these players but they’re quite good. I wouldn’t highly reccomend the CD but it’s nice to have and not a waste of money so to speak.

There are a few mistakes on the box. I put in the list of tunes as they came on the box but:

-- “The Dogs Among the Bushes” is actually “The Wind that Shakes the Barley”

-- “The Gloggin Reel” is a misprint I think. It sounds to me like the “Floggin Reel”.

They`re quite good??

Praise indeed coming from a Dublin man!-Delighted it wasn`t a waste of your money.

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Funny how I thought these players were good…Goes to show you how much I lacked in knowledge of flute playing a few months ago. Avoid!

Re: Champions Of Ireland: Flute

There are a whole series of these “Champion” recordings. I have a feeling that these recordings were made by players who were quite young at the time. The accuracy of the tune titles is very poor, and I’m fairly certain that quite a few were made up.
PS - I think that the second name should be Ciaran Marsden, at least that is how it is spelt on the 3 x CD compilation I have.

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Re: Champions Of Ireland - Flute

“The Gold Ring” - first jig, track 2 is the lesser-known 5-part version recorded by “The Boys Of The Lough” on their “Second Album”.
Track 10 is a slow air - it was linking to the reel of the same name.
I’m not at all sure that Ciaran Marsden is playing on this. He was only listed as a whistle player on the 3-CD compilation, no mention of him playing the flute as far as I recall.
At a running time of only 36mins, this is not worth even the lowest price current on eBay of £5.90 , let alone the £12 plus of other sellers. Leave it.

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