By Rory Campbell & Malcolm Stitt

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  1. Margaret
    Ceridwen & Martin’s Nusa Lembongan Wedding
  2. Hugan Fhathast
  3. Hunt
    Jig Fax Machine
  4. Peter
  5. S’Fhada Bhuainn Anna
  6. Fred Morrison’s
    Ruileadh Na Coilich Dhubh
    Aandowin At Da Bow
  7. The Radical Road
    Le Grand Encrier
    Chloe’s Passion
  8. Something To Say
  9. Duanag Bhleoghainn
  10. Chalet Fever
  11. The Pit
    Paper Year
    Cheese And Bread And Ham
  12. The Beard Mhor

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I was wondering if anyone had the lyrics to the songs on this album. English translations would be great also. The Gaelic is beautiful but I’m a gringo.