A Month Of Sundays

By Mike Katz

  1. The Best Englishman
    Chase The Train
    Mr. MacKinnon Of Corry
    Le Tirez Bouchon
  2. The Fiddler
    Back Of The Change House
    The Birks Of Abergeldie
    Na Goisidich
  3. Earl Marischal
    Sir J.M. MacKenzie’s
    Dr. MacPhail’s
  4. The Bookies
    Seann Bhriogais Uilleim
    The Reel Of Bogie
  5. Miss Forbes’ Farewell To Banff
    The Earl Of Errol
    The Ladies From Hell
    The Black Watch
  6. Ho Ro Shiubhlainn Fada
    Dr. Finlay Macleod
    Sunset At Tommy’s
  7. Tait’s
    Dr. Carol G. Katz
    Land Of Milk And Honey
  8. Marig Ar Pontolan
  9. Marche Vannetaise
    Capt. Kinnear
    Les Blaireaux De Cornouaille
  10. Mackay’s Rant
    The Smith’s Daughter
    Donald’s Rant
    Ruileadh Cailleach
  11. The Unst Wedding
    Mexico 1 Armenia 1
  12. Dark Lowers In The Night
    A Month Of Sundays
  13. Abbeyhill
  14. Monday’s
    The Road To Bruntsfield
    Donnie MacGregor
  15. Major Manson’s Farewell To Clachantrushal
    Cro Nan Gobhar
    Tubular Peat

Three comments

Err, the title is "A Month of Sundays."
It’s a great disk, and Katz is a fantastic piper. 🙂

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Re: A Month Of Sundays

The last tune on track 4 is mislabelled on the CD, it should be "O’er Bogie".

Re: A Month Of Sundays

This is a really great CD, but I have edited the tune names to make it easier for them to link to the tunes on this site, as giving the Gaelic and English names together confuses the system.

On the CD the names are:

Track 1: The Best Englishman/Chase The Train/Mr. MacKinnon Of Corry (Fear Choire Chatachain)/Le Tirez Bouchon
Track 3: Earl Marishal’s (Keith) Reel (Iarla Marasgal)/Sir J.M. MacKenzie’s Reel (Gun Dh Ith Na Coin Na Ceannaichean)
Track 10: Mackay’s Rant (Mac Aoidh Na Sheasamh)/The Smith’s Daughter (Nighean Dubh A Gobha Bhain)/Donald’s Rant/Ruileadh Cailleach
Track 12: Major Manson’s Farewell To Clachantrushal/The Goats’ Pen (Cro Nan Gobhar)/Tubular Peat