Masters Of The Irish Guitar

By Various Artists

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  1. The Humours Of Kilclogher
    Strop The Razor
  2. Ny Kirree Fo Sniaghtey
  3. Jackie Fitzpatrick’s
    The Boy In The Boat
  4. Home By The Fire
  5. The Pipe On The Hob
    The Collier’s
  6. Mrs. Waller
  7. The Gooseberry Bush
    The Sailor’s Return
  8. Rub The Bag
    The Old Grey Goose
  9. Lisa’s Brook
  10. The Mother’s Day
    Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight
  11. De Bharr Na Gcnoc
  12. The New Post Office
    Coen’s Memories
    The Atlantic Wave
  13. Miss McDermott
  14. Poor But Happy At 53
    Farewell To Tim Collins
  15. On Abbey Hill
  16. The Northern Hills

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Compilation put together by Donal Clancy

This is a pretty new album. I picked it up yesterday and am liking it so far after 2 listens, and I am a Flute player. By that I mean this is not just for Guitar players. I was surprised no one posted it as we were just having a disscussion about it.

Here are the players:

1. Arty McGlynn
2. Randal Bays
3. Donal Clancy
4. Donogh Hennessy
5. Dennis Cahill
6. Garry O’Briain
7. John Doyle
8. Seamie O’Dowd
9. Dáithí Sproule
10. Randal Bays
11. Arty McGlynn
12. John Doyle
13. Donal Clancy
14. Donogh Hennessy
15. Garry O’Briain
16. Seamie O’Dowd

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Track 14

Please not that the liner notes and CD track listing have the tunes reversed on track 14 with Donogh Hennessy. I have reversed the titles so they link to the correct tunes.

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Masters of the irish guitar

It’s about time someone put out a recording like this. I haven’t heard it yet but I’ll definetely buy it. I have the breton equivalent “Kerden” which has been out for a few years.

I would like to see this continung and hope to see a volume 2 out in the future with other deserving contributers!!

In anticipation

Having listened through only once, my first impression is more “interesting” than “good”. Some good picking (from who? just guess…) some more leadfooted stuff, some overly twee, and a truly inexplicable bit of electric guitar tossery, easily skipped as it’s the last track. The good picking is a crash course in timing and phrasing, which any player can profit from . The mediocre stuff is informative in its own way - how does a tune become mediocre? Here are some clues…
It’s probably indicative that there is a rather high percentage of “original compostions” here. Although a tune occurs to me now and then, I’m becoming convinced that the composer should never play their own tunes, at least not until they’ve had a chance to go around loose for a little while and get the rough spots rubbed off.

What’s the jig that Donogh Hennessy plays after the hornpipe “Home By The Fire”?

How can this be Masters of the Irish Guitar without Steve Cooney..??? I mean for f**k’s sake!!!!!!!!

I’d love to learn some of these tunes the way I hear them but I have trouble discerning what tuning is being used. Any resources or tips with regards to learning tunes in unfamiliar guitar tunings off of recordings? Any irish guitar websites that might tell me the most common tunings of the guitarists on this album?

Does somebody have more information about this album, like instruments, tunings and so on? It seems to me that “The Pipe On The Hob / The Collier’s” by Dennis Cahill is performed on a tenor guitar, but I can’t find if it’s true.

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