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Have to say I really like this album- lots of moods: Tension, excitement, grooves, relaxed. John and Donal’s playing is very tight. Good arrangments and also extremely well produced. The engine room is powerful and adds lot of colour.

Totally agree. Brilliant production and serious tunes. Something for every one on it. Paul McSherrys guitar playing is amazing on it. Donal and John play very well with eachother.

Funny how this CD doesn’t show up when you search for “John McSherry”

The Internet DOES need librarians!

I will second and third the opinions here - Great album! Brilliant low whistle playing.


Re: John McSherry & Donal O’Connor Cd Review

Amazing cd. Great to have a new sounding band come out for a change. I am sure all their reviews will continue to be as good as the ones they have got so far. Cant wait for their next album……they should get another melody instrument too!

Does anyone know the names of the slow air and jig played after “Aille’s Arabesque” and “Tell Her I Am”?

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Unexpected tunes from…

Castilia with two 5/8 dance.

Charlie Mulvihill’s

Does anybody have a transcription of Johns version of this reel, ( first tune on track # 7 ). The link goes to a completely different version?

Track 7

The first tune on track 7 is “East Clare”

Re: Tripswitch

The very last tune on Track 8 is Son Ar Rost, a Breton tune.

Muneira de Anton

This tune is already transcribed here -

But not in D mix, which is the key on Tripswitch. There are significant melodic differences too. A quite different tune. I love what McSherry has done to it:

T: Muneira de Anton
R: jig
L: 1/8
M: 6/8
K: D Mix
|FG|: A2 F GFG |A2 F GFD |CEG ABc |B2 A2 FG |
| A2 F GFG |A2 F GFD |CEG cBA ||1 D4 FG :|2 D5 d |
|:cAc BGB |A2F AFD| CEG ABc |B2 A3 d |
| cAc BGB |A2F AFD| CEG cBA |1 D5 d:|2 D2 A ABA |
|F2 D DCD|G3 cBA|BAG AFE|1 D2 F ABA:|2 D4 FG|

Re: Tripswitch

Vertical Records; 2006

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