By Garry Shannon

  1. The Contradiction
    President Garfield
  2. The Long Journey
    Patsy Geary’s
    Tigh Raifertaigh
  3. The Old Station House
    The Whole Thing
  4. The Independence
    The Sligo
  5. Na Maithe Móra
  6. Tommy Maguire’s Fancy
    Gan Ainm
  7. Belphaegor
  8. The Four Six
    Joe Rynne’s
  9. Flute Song
  10. Millwood
    The Kilfada
    The Master’s Return
  11. Tom Ward’s
    Club Céili
    An Chéad Punann
  12. O’Rourke’s
    The Kilmaley

Two comments

Great CD - go buy it!

Punctured, like all of Gary Shannon’s albums, is wonderful. If you play the flute you can’t afford to miss his three albums: Lose the Head (which is the Shannon Fanily album, and hard to find), Loozin Air, and now Punctured. Punctured is whimsical and playful but still has continual reference to tradtional settings — unlike Emer Mayock or Davy Spillane, who stray too far from the traditional to appeal to old farts like me. Gary is on the edge but is never as new-agey as Emer or Davy, nor dentist-office-musak, as is Lunasa’s latest, Sé. There is a great feeling of joy that infuses the CD. You can feel the fun they had making the music. There’s often a bit of over-production, as on the air, Na Maithe Móra. What’s wrong with just a single flute on a "simple" air?
Luckily Gary’s playing is as strong as the drums and the bass, which aren’t needed but which seem to find their way onto some of the tracks on commercially ambitious CDs. I love the CD but it would have received more critical acclaim had it had been a leaner production with more focus on Gary Shannon. Highly recomended.