The Lonesome Touch

By Martin Hayes And Dennis Cahill

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The Lonesome Touch

There was a heated discussion a while ago about the artistic merits of this fiddle CD by Martin Hayes. I happen to like it, but mainly I just wanted to point out how useful it has been for me as a learning resource, due to the fact that the tunes are extremely well played at a slow tempo. I’m finding it more useful than some of the ‘instrucitonal’ CDs.


I like it too

One of the best albums I’ve ever heard

Me too

This recording made me fall in love with these celtic tunes and inspired me to start learning melodies. It’s beautiful. The tune-speak for themselves at these tempos, rather than being a vehicle for showing off the player’s riffing skills.

Dennis Cahill’s accompaniment is also beautiful, creative, and understated-- a model most guitarists should be required to study.

Finally, the unhurriedness of Martin’s playing can be deceptive-- he really cooks on some of them.

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There are no ‘celtic tunes’ on this album, but, fortunately, there are lots of Irish ones. 🙂

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The Lonesome Touch Track 3

I love this cd and have listened to it loads of times. Does anybody else think that there are six tunes played on track 3 but only five listed?

Sorry Floss; I’m a total yankee. This album introduced me to lots of what I think of as “celtic”, melody-based music, also including non-Irish tunes from Cape Breton and Appalachia, etc.

I’m a little confused about Track 3 too because “Garden of Butterflies” is another name for “Poll Ha‘Penny” and both link to the same. Is the first tune in track 3 maybe the West Clare Version of Poll Ha’Penny, (, and the second correct (841)?

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Lonesome Touch

Got this CD last week from - noticed it at £3.99 so leapt in. Was then going to post a link here but on checking the price, it had bizarrely(?) gone up to £12.99 or so. Mine duly arrived (at the lower price).

Anyway, this is very different - not quite sure what to make of it.

“It’s diddley, Jim, but not as we know it”

Garden of Butterflies (Slow jig in Track Three)

There is a bit of trouble with the links on The Session pulling up the wrong tune sometimes. Here is the jig called The Garden of Butterflies (which is what should come up as the second tune in track three). I haven’t got all of Martin Hayes’ subtle variations but I thik there’s enough there to get started.
T:The Garden of Butterflies
D:Martin Hayes & Denis Cahill. The Lonesome Touch
N:Second Tune in Third Track, follows ‘Poll Halfpenny’
N:Played slowly
Z:Edgar Bolton
|: “Dm” ABA DF/2E/2D | “Dm” A/2B/2cA dcA | “C” GEE cEE | “C” GEE “Dm”DEG|
“Dm” A/2B/2cA D3 | “Dm” A/2B/2cA dcA | “C” GEE cEE |1 “C” EDC “Dm” DF/E/2D :|2 “C” EDC “Dm” DFA ||
|: “Dm” ~d2c ABc | “Dm” ~d2 d dcA | “C” GEE cEE | “C” GEE DFA |
“Dm” ~d2c ABc | “Dm” ~d2 d dcA | “C” GEE cEE |1 “C” EDC “Dm” DFA :|2 “C” EDC “Dm” D3 ||

I keep thinking that the last line on part two should reflect part one on the second repeat, but it doesn’t seem to be played that way - I’m not going to argue

Really good tune from a first rate album

Re: The Lonesome Touch

Recording #1, added by Jeremy, 17 years ago - today!

Track 12

Is not the tune linked, but a waltz composed by Denis Cahill.