Farewell New England’s Shores

By Skip Healy

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  1. The Dusty Windowsill
    The Return Home
  2. Dream Quickstep
    Tommy Maguire’s
  3. Binningen
    Nova Scotia
  4. Devanny’s Goat
    The Sunset
    March 9th
  5. The Coolin
  6. Dr. Glaiblaser
    The Other One
    Bad Dog
  7. Atlantic Wave
  8. Killakrankie
    Sergeant O’Leary
  9. Two C’s
  10. Tom Ward’s Downfall
    Arthur Dwyer’s
    Fred Finn’s
  11. Farewell New England Shores
    As The Sun Was Setting
  12. The Cat In The Hopper
    The Humours Of Ennistymon