Opus Blue

By Catriona Macdonald And Ian Lowthian

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  1. Islay Rant
    Farewell To Tchernobyl
    Tam Lin
  2. Emma
  3. The Day Dawn
    The Grouses Revenge
    Up Da Strouds Da Sailor Goes
  4. Sister Jean
  5. The Crazy Flautist
    The Hangover P***
    The Dram Shell
  6. Christmas Day Ida Moarnin’
    Da Scallowa Lases
  7. Tha Mi Tin Leis A’ Ghaol (I Am Sick With Love)
  8. Millie O’Godger
  9. Brudmarsch Efter Bysse-Calle
    Roddare I Basark

One comment

Little did Myra Sinclair know what she was about to unleash onthe world when she introduced her ‘quietly mad scottish accordian playing neighbour’ to her ‘scatty, extroverted fiddle playing friend from shetland’ at a drunken party in London. The result was a good session at the time and this recording two yrs later.