Castles In The Sky (Celtic Music)

By Allan Alexander And Michael Carlito

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  1. Come Yards Scottish
  2. Deever The Dancer
    The Widow Well Married
  3. Carolan’s Quarrel With The Landlady
  4. The Blackthorn Stick
  5. A Lilt
  6. Carolan’s Favorite
  7. Morgan Magan
  8. Sheebeg & Shemore
  9. Cary Jane
  10. Thomas Burke
  11. Nyth Gwow
  12. The Butterfly
  13. Wo Betyd Thy Waerie Bodie
  14. Carolan’s Welcome Home
  15. Mrs. Farrell
  16. Castles In The Sky
  17. A Scott Tune
  18. Rug Muire Mac Do Dhia
  19. Thomas Judge
  20. Heartland Air
  21. Morris Dance
    Road To Listonvarna
  22. Separation Of Soul And Body

Two comments

Re: Castles In The Sky (Celtic Music)

This has the look of a self-produced recording. It’s not quite clear whether they mean to go by the name of Syncope or not. A better layout artist might have made things clearer.

Review from:

The music includes some of the Scottish MS pieces, Carolan tunes, some Irish session tunes and a few originals. Percussion instruments include darabuka, nakers (medieval drums) and tambourine.

If you want to hear lute and percussion, this is the album to get! The concept doesn’t seem to come from any particular tradition, but if you’re having fun who’s going to stop you? The lutenist plays quite well but is sometimes a bit stiff. I would have liked to hear some appropriate ornamentation on the Irish tunes. They sound very plain and naked—as if he learned them out of a book. Morrison’s Jig, which for some reason is called Morris Dance (!) is particularly objectionable. The notes say he comes from a classical background, so maybe he did learn them out of a book. On the other hand, he does include his own variations on some of the pieces, which is nice. The title tune is particularly pleasant.