From The Chest

By Kevin O’Connor

  1. Ed Reavy’s
    The Drake’s Neck
    Breton Schottische
  2. Looking Forward To Holiday
    Bill The Weaver
    Michelle O’Sullivan’s
  3. The Faerie King
    Leaving Brittany
  4. Tana
    The Breton Wedding March
  5. Gallow’s Hill
    Susey Street
    Joe Cassidy’s
  6. Salton O De Meres
    El Gartin
  7. An Raibh Tu Ar An GCarraigh?
  8. Gan Ainm
    Moll Na Tiarna
    Sitting On The Throne
  9. Rita’s Sparky
    Shenandoah Falls
  10. Jim Ward’s
    The New Tin Whistle
    Away With The Faeries
  11. Black Wednesday
    Greet’s Farewell
    James Keane
    The Old Hags

Two comments

Please submit sheets

It’s several tunes composed by Kevin O’Connor himself at this recording. Hope someone wil submit sheets. There are also some to me unknown tunes from Asturia and Cape Breton