The Unseen Hours

By Malinky

  1. Edom O Gordon
  2. Clerk Saunders
  3. Hughie The Graham
  4. Memories Of Paddy Le Blanc
    Petticoats Loose
    Cutty’s Wedding
    You And I
    Many’s The Thing I Saw
  5. John O’Dwyer Of The Glen
  6. King Orfeo
  7. Naomi Jones
    The Inertia
    The Maid I Ne’er Forgot
    The Flowing Tide
  8. Flowers Of Saskatchewan
  9. The Bonnie Banks O Fordie
  10. Were Ye At The Peats Th’day, Donald John?
    Maho Snaps
    The Icon
  11. The Sun’s Cousin
  12. My Ain Countrie