Traditional Irish Music On Button Accordion

By Patty Furlong

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Outstanding Irish-American Accordion

This is Patty Furlong’s debut recording and it features outstanding guest musicians Myron Bretholz, Fiona Doherty, Brendan Dolan, Hilari Farrington, Mairead Powell King, Benedict Koehler, Donna Long, Frankie McCormick and Zan McLeod. Patty is one of the cream of Irish-American musicians from the New York area and was one of the original Cherish the Ladies. While played with technical brilliance, the recording exudes taste and confidence in the Irish traditional idiom.

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Re: Traditional Irish Music On Button Accordion

Yes a lovely album that I have had for years. I am trying to locate one tune that is named on here as Kieran Kelly’s but the link takes you to THE OLD PIGEON ON THE GATE. Anyone know the proper name of the tune?

Re: Traditional Irish Music On Button Accordion

Not many tunes have “proper names”, unless they were given that particular name by the composer. “De Danann” recorded this on “A Jacket Of Batteries”, I can’t remember if they had a name for it or not. “Na Fili” - a fairly reliable source for tune titles, recorded it as “Carnanban”, which is listed as an alternative title.
“The Old Pigeon On The Gate” is as good as any, although there is another reel with the same title.
Confusing, isn’t it ?

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